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How do you measure a journey and how it can define and change you? Are you the person of your past or are you the man of the present? How do you know when you might “arrive” at a more thorough definition of “self” within your journey?

highway2Hello! My name is Scott Schumacher, and I’m still (and most likely always will be) journeying through my own labyrinth of a spiritual journey. But let me tell you a little about where I am now and where I’ve come from.

My partner and I (now legally married!), along with our dog, Junebug, split our living time between the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities and a cabin retreat in Northern Minnesota. In this special place “up north” we’ve built labyrinths, maintained trails, planted trees, harvested chokecherries, blueberries, blackberries, and wild herbs and edibles. We’ve held ceremonies, played crystal singing bowls, buried animal companions, fed birds, admired deer and sandhill cranes in the meadows, and have called to the owls in the forest. We were even married in the South Meadow on the large mowed labyrinth.

solar1webI grew up in Iowa in a small town. My father built solar panels on the side of our small two-bedroom house. We gardened, we camped, raised rabbits, chickens, and even puppies. Every kid should experience his/her dog or cat having pups and kittens in their lifetime I believe. Singing was my passion from childhood to adulthood. My family attended a small Presbyterian church where I often sang in the choir or performed solos. Attending a Presbyterian fine arts summer camp in two summers of high school marked my coming of age and confidence. I then went on to earn a Bachelors Degree in music from a Presbyterian college (Coe College) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

After college I began to study many forms of natural healing. I earned a Massage Practitioner Certification and practiced Massage Therapy for 10 years. I’ve been antibiotic-free since 1996 after finding natural and herbal alternatives for chronic allergies and recurring strep throat (which I experienced since childhood). I’ve studied Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Zero Balancing, folk herbalism, sound healing, shamanism, and have also earned a Spiritual Life Coach certification.

I’ve always been a lover of Nature.  For years I studied Druidry, joined Druid organizaitons, and considered myself a “Nature Loving Unitarian” spiritually.  For the longest time, I rejected “organized religion” and Christianity because “it rejected people, made judgements, didn’t like Gay people, wanted to condemn or put rules upon people, etc.”

Then I began receiving messages all around me that would begin bringing me back to a more Christian faith.  My partner started reading the Bible.  My mother shared with me how she loved the movie, The Hunger Games, because of its similarity to messages in the Bible.  My partner and I soon started going back to church, and I started dreaming a lot about angels!

I also learned that intolerance can cut many ways in our society.  Once I started shedding my own prejudices about all of those “people over there I was supposed to dislike” because I was a gay person, many of my former “friends” became uncomfortable with my “crazy new ideas” and decided to leave.  And once I started speaking out about my own true beliefs concerning faith, God, freedom, independence, sovereignty, etc, many other friends began to distance themselves.  I think taking that firearms class and getting to know and admire rural hunters (who I believe are incredibly psychic!) pushed some over the edge too!  But I continued to stay true to myself and speak about a new-found faith in God, my encounters with Angels, and how I began embracing Celtic Christianity and Christian Druidry instead of the accepted mainstream “Pagan-Only” Druidry approach.

And I’m so grateful for this experience.  This authentic return to building a very personal relationship to my Creator, God, and The Universe has been incredible. I’ve moved from holding a vision of God as “the God of Rules” to God as the God of Grace and the God of Love.

scottcoldwaterAs you’ll soon know if you read any more of this site, there is no real box to define me (nor to define you!).  Others create the boxes for us, but we can choose to not step into them.  I sometimes like to call myself a “Christian with New Age and Celtic Seasoning.”  I will defend anyone’s right to have their own spirituality that is right for them, their own political identity, and their own passions and interests.  Mine might be different than yours.  We can agree to disagree.  Diversity is so the spice of life.  We can all learn to mingle in a very spicy soup!

I’m a Child of God, a Spiritual Being having an earthly experience – this is my primary identity now above all other labels.  And I’m continually touched and guided by Angels who come to me in dreams (and sometimes even in the physical world – that’s another story!).  I love reaching out to a wide range of people, and I love learning about the life that God and The Universe have in store for me and for all of us!

Love and Blessings to you all,

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