Are you policing or serving?

This post actually comes from a dream I had some months ago, and it wasn’t until recently, that I explored the concepts again. Here’s my dream:

I’m gathered with 10 or 11 other guys and we’re searching for someone, maybe waiting. This is someone we’ve been after for a long time. The dream gave me the impression that we were all either police officers, detectives, or something similar.

As we’re all pacing the floor in a large room, I receive a call on my phone, and it’s my Mother.

“You need to know. The man you are looking for is not what you think. You’re being deceived.”

As I tell my band of comrades about my mother’s phone call, many of them are astounded. One man even tells the rest us, “Wow! Your mother is incredibly courageous. We should take this seriously.”

Then, all of a sudden, we all seem to be wearing aprons, as if we are waiters getting ready for an event. One of my friends in the crew is spreading a white tablecloth over a table in the room, then holds up a bottle of wine, and states, “Ok everyone, it’s time to clean this place up!”

ServantIt’s not a secret at all that my mother helped to spark my new journey into Faith. Just her stating that she was very obsessed with The Hunger Games books and movies because she found parallels in The Bible was all I needed to start me on a journey of curiosity.

In fact, I shared this dream with her and had assumed that it was a dream about finding faith in Jesus again with the introduction of the wine bottle at the end. But more recently, the change in costumes and roles for myself and my friends in the dream seems more significant.

In the beginning we were detectives or police – protectors of “the law” who were nervously searching for someone. It was a fearful, determined, adrenaline-rush kind of search.

After sharing my mother’s call about being deceived, our costumes changed from “cop to waiter” or to that of “servants” who are tasked with preparing a table and “cleaning up” through partaking in wine – the blood of Christ, which cleanses.

I often wonder – how often do we as human beings seek justice or “enforcement of law” before forgiveness, grace, reconciliation, or “cleansing” of the spirit. How many self-professed Christians, even churches, are steeped in “the law” and all of its enforcement, consequences, or justified judgement for straying from the straight and narrow?

Are we policemen and policewomen for the law, or are we Servants – preparing the table for the forgiveness of sins for all?  Something to think about…

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