It has been some time since a new blog post has graced this site.  Much has happened in life.

  • I graduated with my Master of Arts in Human Development
  • I received the Outstanding Final Paper Award for my final Position Paper, entitled – A River Between:  Scandalous Learning, Grace, and Creative Recovery.
  • I went through a separation and divorce after an 11 year relationship
  • I moved (returned really) to Northfield, Minnesota – a place in my past which I cherished.
  • I learned of my Scottish/Celtic roots and links to Clan Malcolm, those who believe they are descendants of Columcille, or Saint Columba.
  • I began to study and “rest” in the space between traditional Celtic spirituality, and the New Testament of Christianity.. feeling the breadth of how they could co-mingle together, beautifully and mystically.

I want to let all of my followers know, that I am not abandoning you, but I am following a very mystic river in life, and will be taking everything with me that I have learned and that I have experienced.  This will be my last blog post on this site as it is known.  Eventually it will become the site for a project that will come about from my final paper (perhaps a book or eBook).

I will continue to blog about topics of spirituality, faith, nature, energy, Reiki, and all that is sacred to me on  It’s a bit of a return, yes.  Yes, I’m still a Christian, but I am not afraid of labels, and as we know, many of the Druids converted in a beautiful and loving way to Christianity, and saw it as their “New Testament” – blending it with their traditions of old.  Christ was found in nature, the stones, the sea, the air, and all of Nature.  Separation did not occur until the Synod of Whitby, where Rome made it’s dictate that the old traditions would no longer be tolerated.

In a time where I feel it’s so important to come together to celebrate our differences and find common ground, rather than to conquer, divide, or provide polarizing edicts – I feel I am still resting in “The River Between” and I imagine I always will.  But for all of the aspects of who I am, and the message I want to bring, I’ll be walking in all worlds again – crossing between and rubbing elbows with others of different faith traditions who do the work to make a more peaceful and inclusive world.  My work with energy healing, Reiki, and dream coaching will find its rest in, as will the Celtic blend of hospitality, soul-friendliness, and blended spirituality.

It’s a return, and a progression.  I hope you’ll join me!

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