Starting and Finishing a Learning Journey

labyrinthtourBack in March (2015), I decided to re-apply for admission to a graduate program that I left in 2008. Now that I’ve been accepted, I’m soon embarking on my last three credits to complete a Master of Arts in Human Development.

Much of my coursework previously focused on the process of self-directed learning and the intersection of art, spirituality, community, nature, and nonviolence. I studied and walked alongside people and communities who had “walked out” of traditional educational and societal institutions. The concept of “unschooling” was a large focus (total self-directed learning through life and experience).

My decision then, to “walk out” of my degree program was largely inspired by those I befriended who made these choices and set upon their own paths of learning.

And it all was working out so well…until I caught the “bug of rediscovered faith” in my life. New possibilities started to spring up again in my mind, especially in looking back at my previous coursework. A new joy in my life was growing, and it was reminiscent of conversations with my former advisor, when she would ask, “Where is the Joy?” when referring to the rounding out of my graduate program.

So I made the choice to complete the degree – to fill in “the joy” – and to use my experience and degree to “get me in the room” where those in academia might reside. Perhaps to inspire new thought, and perhaps to infiltrate with exploding self-direction, passion, and Grace.

As a part of this final “winding out” of this most definitely spiraling path, I’ll be using this blog for some self-assigned projects, reviews, and reflections. (It gives me a great excuse to blog more!)

So I hope you’ll stay tuned, as I have a lot to talk about with regard to God’s Grace vs. “The Law” and the “Spirit of Longing” that is entwined in Celtic mysticism and story. I’ll also be doing some singing, which is a main source of joy in my own life.

Stay tuned. Come walk with me again on this spiral path!

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